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POI of 2020 for now: Ingrid

I didn't post in 7 months - who cares, more POI

Snailchan Adventure

I nearly forgot that Snailchan exists... I know I'm not worthy of even posting this...

Holy shit I just found the smallest feline in the world

No seriously. The Rusty-spotted cat... To cite from Wikipedia: "It is 35 to 48 cm (14 to 19 in) in length with a 15 to 30 cm (5.9 to 11.8 in) tail, and weighs only 0.9 to 1.6 kg (2.0 to 3.5 lb)"


My god, this spider is so cute I would let it move into my office every day

Even Penguins fall in love with Hululu

I know, I know I'm late to the party - however, I was introduced to this little piece of story...